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Former experiences were specifically needed among physicians who practised usually with therapies supported by evidence based clinical experiences thus they were working along the principles of Evidence-Based Medicine. The new observations and recommendations for treating infected patients increased gradually, however they were not always well-founded by the general urgency.

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In such cases, therapy as lipid lowering, which is inherently inimically and lightly taken, may be omitted even more often. Basic drugs of lipid lowering are statins. They are used to reduce cholesterol levels and the risk of cardiovascular events, but they have also been described as having beneficial effect on the new viral infection.

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In this effect, the statins beyond the well-known anti-inflammatory impact and increasing the expression of angiotensin-converting enzyme-2 further mechanisms can take part as well. These may include among others the promoted breakdown of lipid rafts, which directly inhibits the entry of coronavirus into the cell through the S protein by decreasing the level of cholesterol required for this proceeding.

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Up to date observational studies suggest that statin therapy and the administration of other lipid lowering drugs should be continued or initiated according to the guidelines also during the COVID infection.