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Acta Medica Margit-László, F. Each experiment lasted 5 hours. The value of creatinine, excreted during 5 hours, was given in mg per g body weight.

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We determined also the ratio Na:K. The results for the animals with their infundibulum damaged are shown in Table I. In the animals with infundibular lesion, the concentration and excreted amount of the exam­ined ions rose the increase in the excretion of potassium was insignificantwhile — in diabetes insipidus sodium urine to intact animals — urinary volume and creatinine excre­tion became considerably less.

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Table II shows the results for the hypophysectomized rats and rats which received a subcutaneous injection of 5 mg of cortisone Adreson, Organon, Oss 12 hours prior to the water load. These were identical with those described in earlier communications [5, 6, 15].

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The diuretic and saluretic actions of chloro­thiazide became less pronounced in rats with reduced creatinine excretion that had been hypophysectomized several weeks earlier. When, on the other cukorbetegség 2 st kezelés, hypophysectomized animals were given cortisone, the diuretic­­saluretic effect of chlorothiazide was intensified and the excretion of creatinine more pronounced.

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Discussion The administration of chlorothiazide elicited different reactions in pa­tients suffering from diabetes insipidus and those suffering from psychogenic polydipsia. The discrepancy might seem surprising, a lack of ADH being re­sponsible for both conditions. Yet, while the production of ADH is inhibited by a disorder of the hypothalamo-neurohypophyseal system in diabetes insi­pidus, the brain centres are unimpaired in psychogenic polydipsia and it is the hypo-osmosis which prevents the mobilization of the hormone.

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Even the symptoms are practically the same in both syndromes and the.