Hybrid transformative journal, EISZ - Cambridge University Press and Hungarian EISZ Consortium sign open access agreement

FAQs Who is considered the corresponding author? The corresponding author is defined as the person who handles the manuscript and correspondence during the publication process — from manuscript correction and proof reading, to handling the revisions and re-submission of revised manuscripts up to the acceptance of the manuscripts.

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The corresponding author has the authority to act on behalf of all co-authors in all matters pertaining to publication of the manuscript including supplementary material.

In addition, the corresponding author acts as the point of contact for any enquiries after the paper is published.

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How can I make sure my article is eligible? Hybrid transformative journal you submit, use at least one of the below methods hybrid transformative journal recognition. Upon acceptance of your article, you'll also be prompted to provide your institutional affiliation.

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How do I know if my article has been approved? The approval manager at your institution will approve your article's eligibility based on your institutional affiliation, article type and journal name.

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Once your article is approved by your institution, you will be notified by email and your article will proceed to publication. What if I'm not covered by the agreement?

Specific objective The specific objective is to reinforce the excellence, dynamism and creativity of European research. Europe has set out its ambition to move to a new economic model based on smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. This type of transformation will need more than incremental improvements to current technologies and knowledge. It will require much higher capacity for basic research and science-based innovation fuelled by radical new knowledge, allowing Europe to take a leading role in creating the scientific and technological paradigm shifts which will be the key drivers of productivity growth, competitiveness, wealth, sustainable development and social progress in the future industries and sectors. Such paradigm shifts have historically tended to originate from the public-sector science base before going on to lay the foundations for whole new industries and sectors.

There are still plenty of ways to find funding for your article processing charge APC. Visit our open access funding page to check whether your institution or research funder makes OA funding available. Is this the same as Springer Compact?

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There are two agreements in place so authors affiliated with Hungarian institutions can publish their research open access with Springer Nature. One is a read and publish agreement covering Springer hybrid journals, sometimes known as Springer Compact.

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To find a list of participating institutions and eligible journals, please visit Springer's Read and Publish Compact agreement for Hungary. The other agreement covers publications in Springer Nature's fully open access journals. The lists on this page provide more detail about participating institutions and eligible journals.

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How do I know if my article is eligible? If your article has the structure of a standard article and contains original research, it should be eligible. This will be confirmed by your institution.

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Who can I contact for more information? Please email us at oa. Learn more about.