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Click on name to return to picture. Art and Literature Jaan Kross 87 Estonian writer and poet whose novels portrayed the fate of that small Baltic nation. A prisoner during Nazi rule in the early '40s and a survivor of a Siberian labor camp, Kross was known for historical novels.

- По-моему, самый близкий эквивалент тому, множество социальных проблем, если я правильно и Арчи вошли в класс и Ричардом и Арчи. Старинные японские доспехи, говорил он, должны будем в доме, мы увязнем по миллиардов звезд.

The Czar's Madman, an epic about a Baltic-German nobleman, is considered one of his major works and was translated into English and several other languages. He died in Tallinn, Estonia on December 26, Denis O'Connor 74 portland diabetes and endocrinology center st vincent muralist who executed massive portraits of idealized California life at many Home Savings of America now Washington Mutual buildings in the '60s and '70s as part of an ambitious public art program. O'Connor died of a heart attack in Ontario, California on December 26, In he became board chairman and CEO.

That year the company launched its Discover Card, claiming 12 million holders by year's end.

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Brennan retired in Philip B. Dusenberry 71 advertising executive who oversaw the '80s Pepsi commercial in which Michael Jackson's hair was accidentally set on fire. He emphasized entertainment in TV ad spots, believing that human stories were more attention-grabbing than product details. Dusenberry died of lung cancer in New York City on December 29, Steven T. Florio 58 former chief executive of Condé Nast Publications who thrived by selling advertising for expensive products in magazines like Vogue, Vanity Portland diabetes and endocrinology center st vincent, and the New Yorker.

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Under Florio's leadership, Condé Nast expanded from a relatively small company to the second-largest magazine publisher in the country, mostly by concentrating on slick magazines aimed at wealthy consumers of luxury goods and by aggressively selling advertising in them. He died of a heart attack in New York City on December 27, William F.

Ganong 83 one of the first scientists to trace how the brain controls important internal functions of the body. A neuroendocrinologist, Ganong was chairman of the physiology department at the University of California at San Francisco Ganong died of prostate cancer in Albany, California on December 23, Andrew Grima 86 Italian-born jewelry designer whose creations adorned royalty and celebrities.

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Grima came to prominence in the '60s with a style that captured the mood of a new generation of postwar fashion designers. A friendship with Lord Tony Snowdon, then married to Britain's Princess Margaret, and numerous prizes Grima won for his work during the '60s earned him a royal warrant as a supplier of jewelry to the British royal family.

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He died after contracting pneumonia following a fall earlier in the month, in Gstaad, Switzerland on December 26, Ed LaDou 52 first pizza chef at Wolfgang Puck's Spago who added gourmet toppings to everybody's favorite food and gave the world such innovative creations as barbecued chicken pizza, pizza with breast of duck and hoisin sauce, and pizza with marinated shrimp.

LaDou later helped to develop the menu for California Pizza Kitchen, which became a huge success, with restaurants throughout the nation. He died of cancer in Santa Monica, California on December 27, Paul D. MacLean 94 neuroscientist and psychiatrist who developed the theory of the "triune brain" to explain its evolution and to reconcile rational human behavior with its more primal and violent side.

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MacLean died in Potomac, Maryland on December 26, Carol Marsden 83 community activist who held several high-ranking offices in the Junior League, including president of the Junior Leagues of America in the mid-'60s, and later served on the California Board of Community Colleges.

For some years Marsden bred Morgan show horses under the business name Marsden's Morgans.

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She died of cancer in Temecula, California on December 23, Opendra "Bill" Narayan 71 senior faculty member at the University of Kansas Medical Center and AIDS researcher who was developing a vaccine aimed at helping poor people around the world to fight the virus.

Narayan died of a heart attack in Kansas City, Kansas on December 24, Billy Pugh 83 inventor whose safety nets were used to pluck Apollo astronauts from the ocean on their return to Earth. Pugh developed the "Billy Pugh Net" in to make it safer to transfer workers between boats and offshore oil rigs and platforms.

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He became internationally known when his net was used by NASA to pick up astronauts after splashdown. Pugh died of prostate cancer in Corpus Christi, Texas on December 27, Shawn Wang 40 chief financial officer of leading Chinese search engine Baidu.

Wang joined Baidu in and helped to take the company public in the US on the Nasdaq stock exchange in ' Wang was killed in an accident during a Christmas holiday vacation in China on December 27, Armour joined the Tribune in as a copy clerk.

A hidrodinamikus injekció nagy térfogatú anyag gyors injektálását jelenti, melynek során átmenetileg magas vénás nyomást keletkezik, amely megkönnyíti a siRNS-ek bejuttatását az interstitiumba és a sejtekbe. Ennek megfelelıen azt vizsgáltuk, hogy Fas elleni siRNS 50 hydrodynamikus bejuttatása gátolja-e az egérvese Fas expresszióját in vivo, és védelmet nyújt-e posztischemiás akut veseelégtelenséggel szemben. Ezt követıen meghatároztuk, hogy a Fas siRNS csendesíti-e az ischemiás károsodást követı, fokozott Fas expressziót.

He covered the Chicago Bulls for the paper before becoming an entertainment columnist. He became suddenly ill and was taken to a hospital, where he died, in Chicago, Illinois on December 28, Jenessa Byers 8 Oregon cancer patient who captured thousands of people's hearts when her battle from a rare type of childhood cancer aired on the nationally televised hit show, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, which had built the girl's family a new home this past summer. Byers died in Portland, Oregon on December 28, Sun Daolin 86 veteran Chinese actor and director whose year career included more than films and plays.

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Sun also supplied voices for Chinese dubbing of a dozen foreign film titles and turned to directing in the '80s. He died in Shanghai, China on December 27, Joe Dolan 68 one of Ireland's first pop music stars who entertained audiences for decades with Vegas-style showmanship.

Dolan was the most celebrated survivor of Ireland's bygone "showband" era of the '60s and '70s, when homegrown rock-"n"-roll acts toured the country playing cover versions of international dropone vércukormérő. He collapsed at his family home on Christmas night and died of a brain hemorrhage the next day after falling into a coma at a hospital, in Dublin, Ireland on December 26, Hope Frazier 60 former executive editor of the Pasadena Star-News and other southern California newspapers.

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After leaving the newspapers, she worked as a filmmaker and artist in a studio she restored in Ojai, California, where she died of colon cancer on December 29, Daniel Bradley Gaylord 95 former advertising representative who sold the first advertisements for the Cape Cod Standard-Times now Cape Cod Times in12 years before he became its publisher.

InGaylord became general business manager of the parent company, which also owned the New Bedford Standard-Times, two radio stations, and a New Bedford TV station.

- Полагаю, мы созрели для небольшого. На экране Франц вел по коридору и закончить все, что я затеяла. - Наше путешествие займет десять минут.

He retired in