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A játékról In Capital Command you command giant space warships in epic 3D battles. Ships in this game are big and heavy, rather than fast and agile, but they're strong, durable and pack heavy firepower.

Emellett, a MYLA® szoftver segítségével az egész folyamatot valós időben ellenőrizheti bármilyen eszközről. A VITEK® megoldások lehetővé teszik azt, hogy nagyon gyorsan és pontosan megbízható eredményeket biztosítson — legyen szó akár rutin diagnosztikai eljárásról, szokatlan vagy rezisztens kórokozókról, vagy kritikus klinikai helyzetekről.

When you fly "big iron", combat is about planning and tactics instead of fast reflexes. Careful positioning, good situational awareness, as well turn drable kezelés willingness to take calculated risks, are the hallmarks of a great captain.

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Here, technology is believable and space-magic is kept to a minimum. Ships fight with guns and missiles, not mystical beams of shining light.


Instead of brightly colored bubbles that magically absorb damage, you'll have to use point-defense artillery and missile interceptors to shoot down incoming ordnance, or you will get hit, and it will hurt. Hulls break all too easily, onboard systems are fragile, and ships become useless hulks long before their structural integrity is compromised.

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The flight model in Capital Command is brutally honest, cukorbetegség gyömbér you can choose how much you want to engage with it. Ships move and turn according to actual space physics, maneuverability is limited and driving ships is a never-ending puzzle.

But you can let the automated navigation systems take care of it all: you just tell the ship where to go or what enemy to pursue, and are then free to concentrate "only" on artillery and missile fire control, ammo status, point defense, damage control, tactics and overall situational awareness.

Even the best skipper will sometimes use auto-nav to carry out simple maneuvers, and beginners can use its technique as a starting point to develop their own flying style. In the single player campaign, your ship arrives on deployment to an outpost station in a remote corner of space, just as disaster strikes.

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The AI ships that make up most of the fleet suddenly refuse all commands and begin attacking any target they can find. It's up to you to bring the rogue fleet back turn drable kezelés control by disabling its primary AI core.


That objective is surely well protected, and your starting ship is less than ideal, so you'll have to start small. By attacking various AI fleets, you'll be able to scavenge resources and acquire better ships.

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You will have to plan your moves on the campaign map, manage limited resources to repair and upgrade your ship, and pick your battles, balancing risk and possible rewards. Eventually, you'll be able to take on the core defenses and, hopefully, end the crisis by bringing the fleet back under control.

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Capital Command is the work of a single developer, designed as a "real" space combat simulation that's also fun to play and entertaining to watch. I wanted to make a space game where ships move like actual space objects, not submarines, sailing ships, or fighter planes from World War 2; a game where ships are big and powerful, where weapons feel heavy and impactful; a game where you win or lose because of the decisions you make, not the speed at which you click.

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