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Place: building I, room: You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Márta Vitai graduated at the University of Szeged as a chemist in and then in at the Chemical University of Veszprém, as an instrumental analytical engineer.

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She began her career in the field of analytics classical and instrumental and then moved to the field of clinical chemistry. Then she was oriented toward molecular biology studies. Worked at a pharmaceutical research firm, human diagnostics and drug testing companies, laboratories.

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In addition to routine work, she also carried out scientific activities. The main field of her research is the exploration and early diagnosis of type 2 diabetes.

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In she successfully defended her doctoral dissertation at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Debrecen. Title of her dissertation: "The relationship of polymorphisms of catalase and GRB10 gene with type 2 diabetes in Hungary" She is also experienced in quality management, has completed several courses, has an internal auditorial qualification.

Her main task is to produce nanoparticles for which drugs can be bind, helping to make the drugs more effective and targeted.