Type 2 diabetes essay

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He warns that much of the current effort to minimize risk and risk taking itself runs the risk of eliminating "a large part of what made these countries great in the first place. Without relatively safe outlets for magas vérnyomásos betegségek diabetes drive, people predisposed to risk taking behaviors will seek out more undesirable activities, with potentially greater personal, social, and economic consequences.

Treatment and Management of Type 2 Diabetes

In fact, Type T personalities might satisfy their craving for stimulation through abusing sex, drugs and alcohol, gambling, reckless driving or engaging in other destructive behaviours. If we deprive them of extreme sports they might become someone who will stop by the casino on their way home from work in search of excitement.

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Or they might find themselves gambling beyond his means in an attempt to stave off boredom. Many people never recover and become a long term drain on the public purse as they require rehabilitation, welfare, and often expensive, ongoing medical care. Type 2 diabetes essay any sports, traditional or extreme, keeps the youth healthy.

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Consider the kids in the skateboard park. Without the park at the local community center where they can practice and refine their skills, they might follow the lead of many of their peers, opting for a more sedentary existence playing video games which has proven links to obesity and contributed a fivefold increase in childhood obesity over the past 20 years.

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Opportunities for physical activity for children are critical to turning that trend around, and avoiding heart disease and other health problems down the road. The long-term costs associated with treating the inevitable outcome of obesity and heart disease are far greater than the cost of setting a few broken arms and repainting a few railings.

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Instead of discouraging extreme athletes, we should celebrate them for climbing higher, going faster and pushing the limits of human endurance.