Diabetes wristband. Device Uses Laser Technology to Detect Glucose Levels Under the Skin

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The new hand-held or Android wearable medical tool could be especially helpful for people with diabetes and other blood sugar-related conditions and diseases. It functions by shooting a gas-powered micro-particle into a person's skin, and then collecting a bit of blood from that point.

Advertisement Like Us on Facebook The patent filing explains that the device sucks the blood into a tiny tube after the user's skin has been broken, according to Wired.

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It could be used automatically or manually. Google's new glucose-checking device might not diabetes wristband practical for complete blood tests.

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For example, it would be better for people with type 2 diabetes diabetes wristband want a self-administered blood sugar test, according to Ubergizmo. Its blood withdrawal system is needle-free and almost totally painless.

This is not the first time Google has submitted a patent application for medical devices, including one for a wristband health tracker.

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However, sometimes such ideas do not result in actual products, or are added to ones in the distant future. Google's Life Sciences organization is part of the umbrella company Alphabet. It has already developed various products to improve diabetics' lives, including a bandage-size glucose monitor and smart contact lenses for blood sugar testing.

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Diabetes Wristbands - Product Review